Working in Television – Derek Price

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This is an excerpt from an interview with technical manager, Derek Price, from a book called Working in Television written in 1980 by Jan Leeming, who worked at Pebble Mill for a time. The aim was to encourage young people to think about careers in television.

Thanks to Jonathan Dick for sharing the photo, who has sadly died since sharing the excerpts.

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  • Trying to contact Derek Price who I worked with when I was a cameraman in Birmingham 1956-1963. Please use EMail address initially.

  • Hi Bill, good to hear from you. I’ll see if anyone on the Pebble Mill Facebook page is in contact with Derek Price, and if they are, I’ll pass on your email address to him. I’ll let you know how I get on. Best wishes, Vanessa

  • Hi Bill

    I’ve now heard back from Derek, and have his email address for you. I’ve emailed you privately with the details. Please confirm that you have received the email. I hope you are able to get in touch with Derek.

    Best wishes


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