Morte D’Arthur – photos from Bob Jacobs

Morte D’Arthur was a drama adaptation of the book by Sir Thomas Malory, based on John Barton’s adaptation.  It was transmitted in 1984, under Robin Midgley’s leadership of the English Regions Drama Department at Pebble Mill in Studio A.  It was directed by Gillian Lynne (seen in both photos here) and produced by Robin Midgley.  Bob Jacobs (behind Barbara Kellermann in the top photo) was the 1st Assistant Director.

The drama featured: Barbara Kellerman, David Robb, Anton Dolin, Jeremy Brett and Nickolas Grace.

Protecting the Children – TX Card from Maggie Humphries

Transmission Card from Maggie Humphries for ‘Protecting the Children’

Transmission Card

‘thank you’ note from Chris Wade

This transmission card is from the 1988, 7 part series on BBC 2  following one of the NSPCC’s Child Protection Teams based in Lincoln, as they investigated cases of abuse and neglect towards children. The documentary series was largely observational and involved film crews being on standby to cover emergencies as they unfolded.

Margaret Jay was reporter for the series.  The daughter of Labour leader James Callaghan, she followed her television career as Labour spokesperson on Health in the Lords.  She was married and then divorced from Peter Jay.

The series was produced by Tamasin Day-Lewis (now best known as a television chef and sister of the actor Daniel Day-Lewis),with photography by Mike Fox and edited by Chris Wade; Sally Ann Lomas was the assistant producer.  This thank you note is from the film editor Chris Wade, and thanks the Film Unit office for their helpfulness.  Maggie Humphries scheduled and organised the film crews at Pebble Mill, facilitating the programmes based in Birmingham.

‘Date with Fate’ – Lynda Kettle’s photos

Photos by Lynda Kettle, no reproduction without permission.  Lynda Kettle was a Production Designer at BBC Pebble Mill, working on factual, entertainment and drama shows in studio and on location.  The photos were taken as records of the Sets.

‘Date with Fate’ was a game show, transmitted in 1998, where a top astrologer was put on the spot to see if they could predict the behaviour of two contestants. It was presented by Esther McVey, with astrologer Jonathan Cainer.  There were 28 episodes for BBC 1 Daytime, produced at Pebble Mill by Steve Weddle and Katie Wright; it was directed by Merrick Simmonds.

Production Designer, Lynda Kettle also worked as a theatre designer and an artist, and now runs courses from her art studio  She is a member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, Birmingham Water Colour Society. Midland Pastel Society and Birmingham Art Circle . She exhibits her paintings several times a year at selected galleries.

Lynda Kettle

Dub 1 – photos by Ben Peissel

Photos by Ben Peissel, no reproduction without permission.

These photos are of Dub 1 at Pebble Mill.  Dub 1 was often used for mixing dramas, as you can see by ‘Doctors’ on the viewing screen.  There are also photos of Dub 1 under construction, and of the various mixing desks.

Dub 1

Dr Who – photos by Ben Peissel

Photos by Ben Peissel, no reproduction without permission.

These photos show an episode of Dr Who being dubbed at Pebble Mill.  The Doctor in question is Peter Davison, who was the fifth Doctor, and played the role between 1982-4.

Andy Freeth is one of the dubbing mixers shown.

The episode is part 1 of  ‘Resurrection of the Daleks’.  This was shown as 2 double-length episodes rather than the usual four 25 minute ones, due to the scheduling around the 1984 Olympics.  Perhaps all the dubbing facilities in London were busy with the Olympics, where Dr Who would normally have been dubbed, meaning that it came to Pebble Mill instead.

I understand that only one full episode of Dr Who was recorded in Studio A, in 1977, the Horror of Fang Rock, but that would be earlier than these photos.

Dalek in dubbing