Mick Murphy on location – photos by Tim Savage

Photos by Tim Savage, no reproduction without permission.

The photos show Mick Murphy, floor manager, director and self shooter, on location wearing a very silly hat!  Apparently it was a very practical piece of headgear meaning that Mick could do countdowns with both hands, whilst still keeping dry!

The outside broadcast was a Pebble Mill at One  in the Cotswolds Special and this location was a brewery – possibly the Donnington Brewery near Stow-on-the-Wold.  Mick was standing in for Barbara Courtney-King when these shots were taken.

The dark haired girl with Mick is researcher, Jacqui Phillips.

Thanks to Tim and Jayne Savage, Jane Clement, Dave Bushell and Mick Murphy for providing additional information.

Mick Murphy


Planning Office – photo by Ben Peissel

Photo by Ben Peissel, no reproduction without permission.

This photo is of the girls who worked in the Planning Office at BBC Pebble Mill, booking VT and other facilities.

The photo shows left to right: Kath Woolston, Margaret Barton, Mandy Holdcroft, ?, Janet Woodhouse, Helena Lyons, ?, Christine Grainger, Barnara Hynes.

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On Her Majesty’s Service – Pilot

Copyright remains with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.  Photos from Gail Herbert.  Gail was the PA on ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’.

‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ was a drama pilot made by John King’s department in 1988, which never went out.  It depicted life in a British army camp during the era of National Service.

Tim Manning, who worked on the pilot added this information: “This was a comedy drama pilot about National Service, which starred Keith Barron. It was lovingly made, involving nearly everyone in John King’s LE team (script by members of it, too), but though a full pilot was commissioned, the series wasn’t. I can’t remember whether it coincided with a change of BBC1 Controller; and you have to bear in mind too that there was fierce competition from London departments for slots for this kind of thing.”


Some of the filming took place on the Severn Valley Railway, as shown in the photos.

Pebble Mill at One running order – Kevin Lakin

Thanks to Kevin Lakin for keeping this marked up running order of  a 1984 edition of ‘Pebble Mill at One’ safe in his attic for the last 27 years!

Kevin was the floor assistant at that time, and his main job was getting presenters and guests from make-up, wardrobe, canteen, bar, green room and on to the studio floor at the right time. Item no 2 and 7a are crossed out because they were pre-recorded in the morning, that’s why there’s a VT in the box.

Roger Casstles was the producer of the show, and the presenters Paul Coia, Marian Foster and Jeff Banks.   The show featured Princess Anne, Earl Okin, John Curry as well as Peter Seabrook planting lettuce!  Sounds like a packed show!

Run for the Lifeboat – photos by Willoughby Gullachsen


















































Photos by Willoughby Gullachsen, no reproduction without permission.

‘Run for the Lifeboat’ was a Screen Two drama produced at Pebble Mill and transmitted in 1988.  Douglas Livingstone wrote and directed the film and Carol Parks was the producer.

The drama tells the story of Maggie, who moves from London to a small Welsh fishing village, with her son Terry.  She meets and starts a relationship with Gareth Jones, a member of the local lifeboat crew, and they eventually marry.

Stacey Tendeter played the part of Maggie, David Burke played Gareth Jones, and I think Douglas Livingstone’s own son, Ross, played the part of Terry.  The drama also featured Constance Chapman, John Pickard, Melanie Walters, Jeff Rawle, Tenniel Evans, and David Dietf.

John Kenway was the DOP, with Dave Evans assisting.  Roger Slater was the sound mixer, with Tony Wass boom operator and Jimmy Monks, grips.