Kinsey, series 2 – photo from John Greening

Photograph from John Greening, no reproduction without permission.

The photo shows production manager, John Greening in the Bull ring in Malaga, Spain in 1992.  The Malaga shoot featured in episode 4 of the series, entitled ‘Drop Shot’.

‘Kinsey 2’ was a six part series which went out on BBC 1 in Nov/Dec 1992. It starred Leigh Lawson, Peter Davison and Meera Syal. It was a Pebble Mill drama series about a Birmingham solicitor.  Minnie Driver also had a small part in it.

Richard Standeven and Anthony Garner were the directors, Barry Hanson the executive producer and Carol Parks the producer.  The script was written by Peter Gibbs.

The following comments were posted on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Midlands Today reporter, and now Head of Compliance at BBC Birmingham, Liz Munro remembers having a small part in ‘Kinsey’: ‘I was in Kinsey! Played myself as a tv reporter. Waited around all day to say my lines, but the pay was good. It was fab. I still have a copy of the script.’

Terry Powell (costume): ‘I loved this show, one of the best I worked on. I looked after Leigh Lawson for 2 years and still keep in touch after all these years!’

Ruth Kiosses (costume):’Remember Kinsey costumes very well. Wasn’t Minnie Driver in it before Hollywood beckoned? I bought some clothes she had worn at the end of filming (sure it was Kinsey).’

Dawn Trotman (film editor): ‘Remember Kinsey very well. Its where I meet my husband! But loads of people got sacked as I recall. At Eliot road where we edited it we had tape in the shape of bodies over the floor! As each person went down. Still enjoyed it though and got to know Carol Parks who was lovely. The cast were good as well.’

Ian Barber: ‘I remember sitting in a cottage in front of a log fire with Minnie Driver, whilst shooting Kinsey 2. Mark Williams (fast show & harry potter) was also in it as an office bod.’

Melissa Hallworth (nee Feather): ‘I remember there was an earthquake in LA where Leigh Lawson’s wife was staying (Twiggy) with their friend Dustin Hoffman, so I had to fax Dustin’s house to make sure Twiggy was ok on behalf of Leigh! great series, loved working on it! x’

Mark Heslop (editor): ‘Had fun on Kinsey. Mixed it at the old Ladbrokes theatre in Notting Hill with Aad Wirtz and a young Adrian Rhodes. Remember having a lovely meal with Carol in Covent Garden, had escargot for the first (and last) time. Made a great team with Dawn and Adam Trotman.’

Diana Lester (costume): ‘Kinsey had a very dramatic effect on my life !!! Met my husband whist filming it, and now nearly 20 years later….still happily married!!’

Golden Oldie Picture Show – ‘Question’ – photo Gail Herbert

Photo by Gail Herbert, no reproduction without permission.

The photo was taken on a shoot for the ‘Golden Oldie Picture Show’ by PA, Gail Herbert.  It shows cameraman Barry Foster on the left, and Dirk Maggs, who worked in Presentation in London, on the right.

The video being shot was for the hit single, ‘Question’.  The shoot took place in Andy Tylee’s office.

The ‘Golden Oldie Picture Show’ was presented by Radio 1 DJ, Dave Lee Travis. It was an entertainment magazine show, made up of specially shot music videos, for hits which pre-dated the era of music videos.  The executive producer was John King.

Dancing Diggers at Pebble Mill

Stills from Ian Collins, no reproduction without permission.

These stills are of the JCB ‘Dancing Diggers’, performing in the back car park at Pebble Mill.  They were appearing an episode of Pebble Mill at One.

Video editor, Brian Watkiss,  thinks they date from the mid 1970s. He remembers them being in the 10th Anniversary compilation – one of his very first jobs in VT!

Macbeth on the Estate – Janice Rider

Specially shot interview with costume designer, Janice Rider, about the 1997 BBC Pebble Mill drama, ‘Macbeth on the Estate’.  This was a contemporary telling of the Shakespearian tragedy, set on a modern housing estate.  The drama was shot on the Ladywood estate in Birmingham. Penny Woolcock was the writer and director, Simon Curtis and Julian Murphy the executive producers, and Alison Gilby the producer. John Ellis was the production designer.

James Frain played Macbeth; Susan Vidler, Lady Macbeth; Ray Winstone, Duncan; and David Harewood, Macduff.