Tabitha Wady leaving Doctors – photo by John Waldron

Tabitha Wady leaving Doctors













Photo by John Waldron, no reproduction without permission.

The photo includes Bev Dartnall (series producer), Tabitha Wady, Maggie Cronin, SJ Clarkson, Natalie Robb, Tom Butcher.

Actress Tabitha Wady played the part of receptionist, Katrina Bullen, on the BBC Birmingham continuing drama ‘Doctors’ from 2001-2.

The photo is of Tabitha’s leaving of ‘Doctors’.

Future of the Pebble Mill plot











Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

Here is a screen-grab from the brochure publicising the sale of different plots on the Pebble Mill site.

Work seems to be finally starting on the former Pebble Mill site – there are some fancy new security huts, and a couple of former Pebble Millers have had chats with the security guard – who was probably grateful for someone to talk to.  Plots 1, 4 and 6 are still available if anyone fancies them.  Plot 6 seems to be the BBC Club and field, and Plot 1 the Pebble Mill Nursery, and Plot 4 seems to be part of the back car park.

The main building is going to be a private dental hospital.


Empire Road polaroids by Janice Rider










Photos by Janice Rider, no reproduction without permission.

Janice was the costume designer on the black soap opera: ‘Empire Road’.  These polaroids were taken on location for continuity records between location and studio recordings.  There were two series of ‘Empire Road’ in 1978 and 1979, produced by Peter Ansorge at Pebble Mill.

The characters included are: Royston (May’s son), Mrs Plowfied, Miss May, Mr Kapoor, Ranhanaa Kapoor, Ram, Mrs Ridley and Marcus.



Children in Need walk through Birmingham

Photos from ‘Children in Need’ organiser, Marie Phillips.

The photos are from the  1996 ‘Children in Need’ Toddle through Centenary Square in Birmingham, outside the Hyatt hotel.  Included are ‘Midlands Today’ presenters Sue Beardsmore, David Davies, Shefali Oza and Gary Hudson, as well as director Merrick Simmonds, and cameraman Jamie Knights.

Marie Phillips is pictured with Aston Villa player, Shaun Teale, in the third photo.  Apparently she had her photo taken with Shaun to make her Villa supporting son, jealous!