Pebble Mill at One – Oslo 1982

Mick Murphy and Bob Horsfield Oslo 1982JMc











Photo by Jane Mclean, no reproduction without permission.

The photo was taken during a Pebble Mill at One outside broadcast in Oslo, Norway.  Mick Murphy (Floor Manager) is seated on the left, and is talking to Bob Horsfield (Rigger). John Smith was the OB director.

Thanks to Jane Mclean for sharing the photo.

Survival of the Fittest – front page and cast

Survival of the Fittest front page Survival of the Fittest cast












Copyright resides with the original holders, no reproduction without permission.

Here is the script front page, and cast information for the 1990, ‘Screen One’ drama: Survival of the Fittest.

Here is the synopsis from the BFI Film and TV Database:

‘Dark comedy that looks at what happens when a fiercely-independent 80-year-old widow becomes too frail to live alone. Molly Cowper is dettermined to stay in her own home, even though she has recently had a mild heart attack. Not wanting to be alone at night, she makes elaborate plans to ensure that neighbours will sleep in her house. Supervised by her long-suffering son Geoffrey an agreement is drawn up so that Chris Trinder and Eileen Blackett will stay there at agreed times. Her arrangements begin to fall apart however, when Chris dies of a heart attack adn her dog is run over. Although Geoffrey tries to sort things out Molly still tries to enforce her wishes, riding roughshod over all of them with devastating consequences.’

The script was written by Julian Mitchell, Martyn Friend was the director and Carol Parks the producer.

The drama starred Jean Anderson as Molly Cowper, Timothy West as Geoffrey Cowper, Nerys Hughes as Betty Trinder, Timothy Davies as Chris Tinder, Elizabeth Spriggs as Eileen Blackett, Ben Porter as the young Chris Tinder, Joanna Brookes as June Trinder, Andrew Groves as Richard Blackett, Steven Sherwood as Mr Towse, Doc O’Brien as the taxi driver.

Thanks to Willoughby Gullachsen (Gus) for keeping the pages safe all this time.

The following comments were added on the Pebble Mill Facebook Page:

Terry Powell: ‘Again another show I worked on really enjoyed it can’t believe how menu shows a year we did now only really work on 2 or 3 a year. As home life is now so important.’

Annie Toy: ‘Goodness, that brings back memories. I used to catalogue all Gus’s pictures after they’d been up on the board on the downstairs corridor. They were brilliant.’

Victoria Trow: ‘Andy Netley won a Bafta last year.’

John Greening: ‘Brilliant -especially as I’m currently directing Tim West on EastEnders!’

Steve Saunderson: ‘Gus, what a talented artist, I try day by day to achieve great images but great images just poured out of his camera. Not a bad line-up is it?…and yes John a great cast including Timothy West…the last time I bumped into Dir. Martyn Friend, I was on a massive night shoot (lots of lights and sparks) for Midsomer Murders and he passed by and assured the producers that they were in very good hands, v. kind of him.’


Ian Bellion, Merrick Simmonds, Judy Hooker

Ian Bellion, Judy Hooker, Merrick Simmonds PP

Photo by Peter Poole, no reproduction without permission.

This photo is of film editor, Ian Bellion, Judy Hooker and Merrick Simmonds (foreground). In the background you can see film cans on the shelf, and edit trims on hooks.

It probably dates from the late 1970s.

The Rainbow – Radio Times article

Rainbow Radio Times 3-8 Dec 1988 Rainbow pg2 RT 3-8 Dec 1988





Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission. This Radio Times article is from December 1988, and publicises The Rainbow, the three part D.H. Lawrence adaptation by Anne Devlin. Chris Parr was the producer and Stuart Burge the director. The first page of the article is missing. The publicity photos on location were taken by Willoughby Gullachsen, I think. The actors included Imogen Stubbs as Ursula, Martin Wenner as Anton Skrebensky, Kate Buffery as Winifred, and Eileen Way as Lydia Brangwen.

The Ritz publicity brochure

The Ritz brochure The Ritz 5 JR






















Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

Thanks to costume designer, Janice Rider for sharing this publicity brochure for The Ritz, the 1987 comedy drama series by John Godber, set in a Northern disco. The series was a television adaptation of the theatre play, Bouncers.

The series was directed by John Godber and Martin Shardlow, and produced by Chris Parr.

The series featured: Andrew Dunn, Andrew Livingston, Jacqueline Beatty, Julia Ford, Mark Addy, Martin Ronan, Paul Rider and Richard James Lewis.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Jeremy Gartland: ‘I only sat and watched ‘The Ritz’ a couple of weeks ago – fantastic! I was lucky enough to be invited to Pebble Mill to watch Episode 5 ‘Fancy Dress Night’ being filmed… I must try and dig out the photos we took during our trip.’

Jo Mainwaring: ‘I was the production secretary on this show! Thanks for finding the pics, Janice.’

Ruth Barretto: ‘I remember going into the canteen and seeing all the actors dressed up. The blonde guy in the pic was the Incredible Hulk!’

Terry Powell: ‘Ps big Mick is living round the corner from me such a small world. One of the best shows I worked on always have very fond memories it was ahead if its time it would be a huge hit now with the likes of Benidorm and Miranda out there.’

Janice Rider: ‘Well said Terry and look how well Andrew Dunn , Mark Addy , Rich Ridings and last but not least Tracie ‘Broadway ‘ Bennett have done since! Great fun show to design.’