Pebble Mill at One

Pebble Mill @ 1 EJ










Photo from Eurwyn Jones, no reproduction without permission.

Pebble Mill at One rehearsal in the Foyer studio.

From the comments left on the Pebble Mill Facebook Page, the consensus is that it is Tony Wigley on camera, and Andy Payne cable-bashing. The lighting rig and EMI camera suggest a date circa 1980.

Please add a comment if you can identify the singer at the piano.

The Pickwick Papers

Pickwick Papers, Neil Wigley












Photo by Neil Wigley, no reproduction without permission.

The Pickwick Papers was a twelve part BBC London drama serial, hosted at Pebble Mill, and transmitted in 1985. The interiors would have been recorded in Studio A.

The series featured Ray Brooks, Nigel Stock, Clive Swift, Jeremy Nicholas, Alan Parnaby and Phil Daniels (shown here, whispering).

The director was Brian Lighthill, Bob Chaplin was lighting director, Myles Lang the designer, Sue Peck the costume designer, and Gill Hughes the make-up designer.

Thanks to the BBC Drama Village for sharing the photo.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook Page:

Ray Holman: ‘This was my very first job at Pebble Mill. I was a dresser in the costume department through the filming and then all the studio days, I looked after Phil Daniels, pictured here.’

Patricia Hodge Robinson: ‘Ditto, Ray! I helped to dress the female extras on studio days or Supporting Artistes as they were called then. My first telly job too!’




Children in Need – Allo Allo

CIN Vicki Michelle of Allo Allo MM CIN Allo Allo MM












Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

These photos are from a Children in Need evening show. There is a definite French theme, with ‘Allo ‘Allo actress, Vicki Mitchell, accompanied by Floor Manager, Mick Murphy, sporting beret and garlic!

Thanks to Mick Murphy for sharing the photos.

The following comment was left on the Pebble Mill Facebook Page:

Rachel Broomfield: ‘Was it around1989? [Actually the photos are from 1990]. I think this was one of the ones I worked on as a humble studio assistant for Radio WM. If I remember rightly Toyah Willcox also topped the bill and Sue Beardsmore fronted for Midlands Today.’


Dancing at the BBC Club

























Photos by Karen Bond, no reproduction without permission.

These photos of dancing in the BBC Pebble Mill Club date from the early 1990s. They mostly feature Pebble Mill series editor, Steve Weddle, taking to the dance floor, amongst others!

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook Page:

Marie Phillips: ‘Funny you posted this today. We were lunching with friends today at The Boot in Lapworth and in walked Steph Silk who I have bumped into twice in a week after 25 years. She was meeting former Pebble Millers, including Jenny Brewer and ….. Steve Weddle also 25 years on. Great to see everyone and share a few laughs. Steve was excited about his recently published book – available on Amazon! It must be part of the aging process but nobody looks any different as the years roll by.’

Judith Markall: ‘Remember dances in Studio 9 at Carpenter Road!’

Bridget Vaughan: ‘Tall girl could be Bev Dartnall, bless her.’

Janet Collins: ‘Sure it’s Bev and is the other person Julie Knee?’

Steve Weddle: ‘What is he like? Don’t answer that! And yes, that could be Bev – she was always full of fun and frolics, god bless her.’

Vote For Them – TX Card

Vote for Them TX Card Vote for Them TX Card 1














Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

Vote for Them was a three part drama, transmitted in 1989. It serial was filmed on location in the UK and in Egypt. Carol Parks was the producer and James Ormerod the director.

The serial featured Billy Hartman as Sergeant McRae, Simon Adams as AC2 Clarke, Jeff Rawle as WO Wilson, Andrew Paul as Sergeant Simpson, John Wheatley as LAC Atterley, David Quilter as Major Trapnell, David Cardy as Signalman Jacobs, Nicholas Day as Captain Carrington, and Patrick Pearson as Corporal Richardson.

Thanks to costume designer, Janice Rider, for sharing the TX card.

The following comment was left on the Pebble Mill Facebook Page:

Terry Powell: ‘My god yet another show I worked on I seemed to have worked a lot with Janice and I have to say this one was a joy and I have never forgot it, a lot of people’s lives changed after xx’