Chris Phipps with Black Sabbath again!









Broadcaster and music historian Chris Phipps was asked to complete a  50 year  history with metal masters Black Sabbath by  co-interviewing the original lineup in Dublin for the movie “BLACK SABBATH – THE END”.

Chris  interviewed them regularly in the 70s for BBC Radio Birmingham’s rock show “HEAVY PRESSURE”  and  introduced them in a rare live appearance on BBC Midlands “LOOK! HEAR!” when they were fronted  by Ozzy Osbourne’s replacement — now a collector’s item for Sabbs fans.

You can see the results  on Sky Arts this MARCH–“a great honour to see them again on great form and work again with  director Dick Carruthers”, says Chris.

Midlands Today smart occasion

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Midlands Today presenters Diane Kemp and Richard Uridge, with producer Maureen Carter between them. Judging how smart everyone looks, this may be from an awards event.

Thanks to Maureen Carter for sharing the photo.

Panic Mechanics

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These screen grabs are from the 2002 series, Panic Mechanics, shown on BBC2. It was presented by Trevor Nelson, directed by Ewan Keil, and produced by Andy Francis.

Here is the entry from the Radio Times, courtesy of the BBC Genome project:

“Continuing the new series in which two teams compete to transform a normal car into an extraordinary machine.
Oragster. The mechanical savvy of tonight’s competitors is stretched to the limit as they try to make fiery drag racers out of their Reliant Rialtos. After a racing showdown, the losers’ vehicle is crushed, while the prize awaiting the winners is the drive of a lifetime. “

Thanks to Ian Collins for making the grabs available.

The following comments were posted on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Sonia Beldom: ‘I certainly remember it. I developed it – my first TV commission’

Gyn Freeman: ‘Just seen this, behind Trevor Nelson in the blue with the white hair is my brother in law David Cooper and his son next to him Oliver Cooper – they loved doing the programme. It was popular too.’

Andy Walters: ‘The red and blue garages were at the back of Pebble Mill where the OB stores were. There was another series filmed in that area, Grease Monkeys.’
Amanda Barker: ‘What great memories! I remember filming at Saunton Sands and Silverstone’
















Midlands Today, Studio B

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Photo of Midlands Today in Studio B. Presenter Diane Kemp is on the right.

This photo was originally shared on the Pebble Mill Engineers Facebook page.

Great Expectations – Camera Break

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A camera break in Studio A, during the recording of the 1981 adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. It was a twelve part series, hosted at Pebble Mill. It was transmitted on Sundays, early evening.

The producer was Barry Letts, the director Julian Amyes, production designer was Michael Edwards, the script editor Terrance Dicks, and the make-up designer Gwen Arthy.

Thanks to Albert Sheard for sharing the photograph.