Alan Plater on Land of Green Ginger

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This clip of writer Alan Plater talking about ‘Land of Green Ginger’ is taken from David Rose’s ‘My Journey Together’ lecture.  The copyright remains David Rose’s.

The Play for Today ‘Land of Green Ginger’ was transmitted in 1973. It follows a young woman, Sally, played by Gwen Taylor, as she returns to her home town of Hull for the weekend. She and Mike, her trawlerman boyfriend, played by John Flanagan, have to make decisions about their future. However he is reluctant to give up the dangerous life of a fisherman, and she wants to pursue her career in London.  The drama also featured Jean Heywood as Mrs Brown, Michael Elwyn as Reynolds and Ivy Cawood as Mrs Thurlow.

The drama was produced by David Rose and directed by Brian Parker.  Mike Williams was the DOP, and the film was edited by Henry Fowler.

One comment on “Alan Plater on Land of Green Ginger
  1. I love Alan Plater!

    And it’s a crime that ‘Land of Green Ginger’, one of his best ever plays, is banned on Youtube. I’m lucky to have a pirate copy (errm less said the better!)

    Not just interesting for the period details, the politics, the time and place, the truly marvellous atmosphere generated by the acting of Gwen Taylor et al and the backing tracks sung by the excellent Watersons, this play has the shift of personalities and expectations and unexpected dominations of character of the best drama.

    Sad and fascinating. I will never get tired of it.

    Very very annoying, not to say outrageous, that plays of this calibre (I can think of more, like ‘Barmitzvah Boy’) can’t be watched on Youtube or bought on DVD.

    Crying shame!

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