All Memories Great and Small – part 4 Joyce Hawkins

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Excerpt from “All Memories Great & Small” by Oliver Crocker

Memories from Joyce Hawkins (Senior Costume Supervisor)

‘I remember Head of Planning, Eric Holmes, asking me if my department would be able to cope with a long-running series based on the James Herriot books. Thirteen years before Pebble Mill, I was the Midland region’s only costume designer. I was based at the Gosta Green Studio, from where I designed 64 plays, 4 serials, 8 series and 5 twice-weekly “Soaps” all in and around Birmingham. All rehearsal rooms and costume suppliers are based in London, so I was well aware of the complexities posed by rehearsing in London, recording in Birmingham and filming in Yorkshire, but now I had a Staff of very talented people, so of course I told Eric “Yes”.

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Joyce Hawkins speaking at mac screening 2016



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