All Memories Great and Small – part 8, Maggie Thomas

Maggie Thomas make-up artist on ‘All Creatures Great and Small’













Excerpt from “All Memories Great & Small” by Oliver Crocker.

Memories from Maggie Thomas (Make-up Assistant, and later Make-up Designer):

‘Television was still in its infancy in comparison to what they can do today. We didn’t have mobile phones on location, they hadn’t been invented then, the AFM had walkie talkies, but they could only be used a short distance within the crew – we were totally on our own once we were out on location. It was too late to make any important changes once you left Pebble Mill, so you had to make sure you had everything you needed in your kit before you left for Yorkshire, because it was something like a four hour journey from Birmingham up to Darlington to the unit base, so you had to do a lot of preparation behind the scenes before you hit the road.’

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