Alternative Midlands Today Sig.Tune

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This signature tune was an alternative ending for Midlands Today from around 1992, composed by David Lowe. It was almost certainly never used.

Thanks to Peter Poole for sharing this signature tune.

Photo of Pebble Mill Newsroom by Ivor Williams

Photo of Pebble Mill Newsroom by Ivor Williams

2 comments on “Alternative Midlands Today Sig.Tune
  1. Could have used that when I got the timing wrong for ending the programme!
    Did take
    Tom Coyne off a minute too early once but he was excellent and he managed to fill. A real pro!

  2. the end of cut one sounds like what was used on TX at that time (usually only getting the last 5-10″ of the cut as the programme finished over VT from a package in the show and the endplate & copyright), the last 15 or so seconds of cuts 2&3 sound like something I remember hearing and thinking ‘eh, what was up with that…?’ and I only remember hearing maybe once or twice whilst this arrangement was used on Midlands Today, but whether it was cut 2 or 3 at this distance I’m not sure. I don’t remember (at twenty years distance) ever thinking ‘oh that’s different’ to anything like cuts 4&5.

    I did prefer it when regional news programmes were allowed to have their own personality and not all have to be clones of the same thing from the central BBC (and ITV) branding…

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