Andrew Godsall – Film Transfer – photos by Peter Poole

Photos by Peter Poole, no reproduction without permission.

I took these photos about 1980. I worked with Andrew in the Dubbing Theatre and Film Transfer Suite. He later became a Studio Manager at The World Service. Then he became a Radio Producer working at Bush House and Broadcasting House. After leaving the BBC he was ordained. He is now the Canon Chancellor at Exeter Cathedral.

Peter Poole

2 comments on “Andrew Godsall – Film Transfer – photos by Peter Poole
  1. Grief! What frighteningly old photographs.
    I think I have one from the same era in my collection of Andy Redfern and me in the dubbing theatre.
    GO7, which was the room on the ground floor in which the transfer suite was housed, had the advantage of a window on to the outside world – something that not many of the studios at BH or Bush House could manage. It had the regulation green BBC carpet and a comfy chair or two.
    Those PAG bays felt a bit ‘meccano’ like. I seem to recall we had quite a lot of hi fi type gear and the maintenance guys used to refer to it as ‘Laskys’, after the chain of hi fi shops!
    I see I am reading a copy of Ariel. That brings back memories in itself!

  2. Hi Andrew

    If you have any Pebble Mill photos that you’d like to share, I’d be delighted to put them on the website. If so, please email them to me, or if you haven’t got facilities to scan them, you can always post them to me, then I’d scan them and return them. Best wishes. Vanessa

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