Arthur Binnie’s Leaving Party – Jane McLean

Photo from Jane McLean, no reproduction without permission.

This photo is of Arthur Binnie’s leaving party from ‘Pebble Mill at One’.

Included left to right, are back row: Fran Groves, Norma Scott; middle: Ellie Lacey, Clare Stride, Diane Reid, Julie Knee, Nicky Barfoot. Front row: Sandra Fraser, Jane McLean, Arthur Binnie, Marian Foster. Sitting behind Jane McLean, is Jane Marriot (now Clement).


2 comments on “Arthur Binnie’s Leaving Party – Jane McLean
  1. Ellie Lacey??? Elaine Baldwin was known as Ellie. Perhaps Lacey is her new married name? At the time of the photo she was definately Baldwin !!!

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