Bish Mehay by Paresh Solanki

Editors may come and go, but Bish Mehay was always there to anchor the ship (the BBC Asian Programmes Unit). He was a great friend and a great support, especially in time of crisis. His motto ‘Don’t worry, it is all under control,’ was a Bish classic from the numerous phrases he utilised daily. His knowledge of Bollywood stars and ethnic fashion models was phenomenal. If smartphones were around at his time at the APU, Bish would have been photographed with every Bollywood star and fashion model around. He loved directing the super stars. During the time of Mega Mela at the NEC, he had the audacity to tell Sharukh Khan how to pose for a shot. His anecdotes would fill a book. What a loss – RIP to one of the pioneers of ethnic broadcasting in the UK.

Paresh Solanki

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