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Photos by Willoughby Gullachsen, no reproduction without permission.

‘Broke’ was part of the BBC 2 ‘Screenplay’ anthology series, being transmitted in 1991.  It was written by Stephen Bill, directed by Alan Dosser and produced at Pebble Mill by Barry Hanson.

The BFI database includes the following synopsis:

‘Ken Bannister is a wealthy, self-made man, who gives some work to his friend Francis Meeks, whose own small business is just getting oof the ground, commissioning him to refurbish the country club. However, when he asks for his money, Ken can’t pay, having been declared bankrupt, although this doesn’t seem to affect his affluent lifestyle in any way. Francis stands by helpless, watching his business and home go to rack and ruin, until his determined wife Melanie steps in.’

‘Broke’ starred Timothy Spall, Sheila Kelley, Larry Lamb, Susan Wooldridge, and Leo Bill.

The photo of the crew includes Alan Dosser (director), Steve Saunderson (camera), Tim Everett (sound), and Bob Jacobs (1st AD).

Terry Powell (dresser) remembers that ‘Broke’ was the 1st time he worked with Timothy Spall,  and through it became good friends. When he left the BBC to go freelance he worked with Tim on many a show and still sees him today.



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