Carol Parks

Photo by John Greening. Included, left to right: Belinda Cherrington, Carol Parks, Jane Barton


This poem was written by Make Up Designer, Gill Hughes, in response to the death, in Autumn 2021, of drama Producer, Carol Parks. Gill worked with Carol on many drama productions.

It doesn’t happen to us
Not our generation.
The Go-Getters
The Movers
The Shakers
The ones who were going to change the World
Not to us
The Hippies, The Long Hair
The Pill, Sex, Rock and Roll
That was us
Our journey is not yet done
The Script not yet finished
Girl Power, Emancipation
There are some paragraphs to unfold
Before the Full Stop
Gill Hughes, Make Up Designer
4 comments on “Carol Parks
  1. Oh this is a really lovely tribute to my cousin/sister Carol, I miss her more than I can say. It’s just started to sink in; that she won’t be with us here in France for Christmas.

  2. I’m so sorry and so shocked to hear of Carol’s sudden death- we were friends ever since Anna of the Five Towns in 1984 and spoke three weeks ago ❤️

  3. I will miss my dear dear friend enormously. It was such a shock to hear of her passing. She was going to come to the panto with me and my family just before Christmas and before she was to travel to France. She loved the theatre and life itself. What a beautiful poem and tribute to dearest Carol. xxx

  4. I heard this news from Annie Toy and, whilst it is so very sad, it also stirs so many happy memories of a glorious human being. We were in touch sporadically but hadn’t met for many years and yet I can still summon up that voice and that laugh in an instant. I arrived at Pebble Mill after ten years in the rough-and-tumble of ITV and I had absolutely no idea how anything worked, Carol and I bonded instantly and she held my hand through five enormously happy and rewarding years. Of course, I thanked her constantly for her guidance and her friendship but it could never have been enough. So thank you, dear Carol, one last time.

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