Children in Need outside Studio A

Photo from Rod Fawcett, no reproduction without permission















A busy Children in Need night in the corridor outside Studio A. This photo probably dates from the 1980s.

Thanks to Radio WM engineer Rod Fawcett, for sharing the photo.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Stuart Gandy: ‘Those were the days when CIN was a big event inside and outside the Mill.’

Andy Marriott: ‘It’s a shame, all the regions would get a decent chunk of airtime and places like Pebble Mill and Oxford Road used to make the most of it. It seems very London-centric now.’

Gyn Freeman: ‘Standing behind this red haired beauty is the timid, yet well dressed beauty Steve Woodhall. This is an audience I think off into the studio, but who is on the ladder at the back trying to maintain order? No doubt about it, the good old days!’

Rod Fawcett: ‘On the far left it’s Jenny Wilkes as Robin Hood.’




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