CM1 and CM2 last OB

CM1 and CM2 last OB DR













Photograph by Diane Reid, no reproduction without permission.

The photo is of the last outside broadcast from Pebble Mill, by the scanners CM1 and CM2. It was a live Sunday morning worship from Edenham.  The day started with bacon butties made by friendly parishioners and riggers’ tea!

Included are l-r, Tim Konewko, Steve Pierson, John Allinson, ?, ?, Phil Wilson, JJ Moore, ?, Jack Rooke, John Brierley, Robin Sunderland, Dave Ballantyne, Colin the big strong rigger,John Kimberley (I think), Ron the rigger supervisor at the back, Rod Bach (blue jacket to keep you in sync!!), then a bunch of ‘don’t knows’ until we come to Ray Bradbury (or Bradley) in black jacket and open shirt, Ron Pickering, Pat Childs, Roger Sutton and finally Norman Macloud (sp) on the right.

(Thanks to Keith Brook (Scouse), Jane Maclean and Janet Collins for identifying so many former colleagues).

4 comments on “CM1 and CM2 last OB
  1. The one after Jack Rooke is John Bradley,the one before Ron Pickering is Ray Sperry, the dark haired chap to the right of Rod Bach worked in Eng sevices, but I can’t think of his name at present. Will let you know if it comes to me.

  2. Pretty sure that’s me fifth from left with my arm on Johnny Moore’s shoulder. I’ve got a load of photos from that OB as well (somewhere!).

    Is that possibly Trudi (vision mixer) standing in front of me? If not, I guess it may be someone from production.

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