CM2 at Warwick Castle

CM2 Vision crew 16.12.89 CM2 Warwick Castle 16.12.89 CMCR36 2































Photo copyright Robin Stonestreet, no reproduction without permission.

The photos show the Pebble Mill outside broadcast truck, CM2, on location at Warwick Castle, on 16th December 1989.

The Vision crew, in the top photo are Johnny Moore (left) and  Ray Sperry (right).

The man on the roof of the larger truck: North 1 (a Type 5, BBC Manchester OB truck), in the blue anorak is Jeremy Chadwick, and the man in the cap is probably Albert Kinsella.

CM2 was fitted with Philips LDK514 cameras, which apparently weren’t very ergonomic. (Thanks to Toby Horwood for adding this information, and identifying Johnny).

Thanks to Robin Stonestreet for sharing the photos.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Jayne Savage: ‘This might have been Carols from Warwick Castle – or the programme was called something very similar – that was presented by Douglas Fairbanks Jnr and directed by Roy Norton. I was the PA and it greatly troubles me that I can’t remember who the other contributors were – apart from the choir from St Mary’s, Warwick! However, I do remember a very exciting recce when we accessed the castle roof to look for camera positions by climbing out of the manager’s window.’

Nick Patten: ‘I have very happy memories as an OBSM and a director working with these magnificent trucks.’



3 comments on “CM2 at Warwick Castle
  1. That’s Johnny Moore on the left.
    Lovely chaps, lots of amazing conversations were had in the cramped interior of the small scanner. CM2 had LDK514 cameras rather strange un-ergonomic devices made by Philips.

  2. I believe I was Sound Superviser on this. I thought by this time CM2 had beenre-equipped with Ikegamis?
    I’m currently researching other Christmas shows from 1982 & 83 from Buckfast Abbey & Newby Hall. Anybody remember. The former was the very first TV OB to be mixed in Stereo for transmission with simulcast. I used CM2 desk supplemented by semi-portable Glennsound and John Burkill used same in VT edit!

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