CMCR 9 – Outside Broadcast Truck

CMCR 9 OB Truck

CMCR 9 Vision Control

CMCR 9 Sound Control

CMCR 9 Production Area
















































Photos by Ray Lee, no reproduction without permission.

Ray Lee took the photos of the OB truck, CMCR 9 at the Onslow Park Steam Rally recently.

The old CMCR 9 has just been repainted by its present owner Steve Harris and exhibited as a vintage vehicle.

Despite its 40 years, it is looking in remarkably good shape. The CCUs are EMI and not the original, as it was converted for EMI cameras when it became North 3.  A lot of time and effort has gone into getting it to this stage, it will no doubt bring back memories for a lot of Pebble Mill folk.

The OB truck left BBC Pebble Mill in 1979, and went to Manchester.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook group:

Alan Miller: ‘I never worked on this one as I worked in Scotland at the time but it certainly brings back memories of another age.’

One comment on “CMCR 9 – Outside Broadcast Truck
  1. Actually, CMCR9 still had the PC80 cameras when it was in service in Manchester. It was a subsequent private owner who installed the 2001s. The cameras and racks came from LO4 which that owner also had at one time.
    Steve Harris now has aquired two PC80 cameras and racks which originated from North 1 (CMCR7). The CCUs, however, are in a poor state. Much work will be required to get them working. The cameras are not too bad.

    Jerry Clegg

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