CMCR9 – appearances summer 2014

CMCR9 at Onslow 2013, photo Steve Harris

CMCR9 at Onslow 2013, photo Steve Harris













North 3 [Pebble Mill’s first CM1, CMCR9] (possibly accompanied by Unit 23) is all set to appear at the Kelsall Steam Fair near Tarvin, Cheshire next weekend (22nd, 23rd June). Also in the offing are the Wilmslow Show (appearance to be confirmed) on Sunday, 13th July, Astle Park Steam Fair, near Chelford, Cheshire, on Sat/Sun 9th and 10th August and Shrewsbury Steam Rally, Onslow Park, on Sun/Mon 24th and 25th August. We hope to meet up with some of you (especially the crew!!) at one or other of these events.

Jerry Clegg

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