Costume Department Reunion 1999 – photo from Ruth Kiosses

Photo from Ruth Kiosses, no reproduction without permission.

This photo was taken at a reunion of the Costume Department in 1999.  It was held at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

Included in the photo are: Muriel Hewitt (front, red hair) Anne Mills (behind Muriel), Anne-Marie Morrell (on left in red, back row), next to Russell Barnett (senior costume designer), Lesley Thomas (mustard scarf), Maria Hurley, Annie Doling, Hilary Anne Hughes, Eileen Hubble, Pat Hadley, Linda Hill, Dawn Booth Brent Fulwood, Karen Bevins, Clive Ashman, Rossie Russon, Janice Rider (senior costume designer, back row in black), Liz Fahy, Wendy Schofield, Mark Ridley (dresser), Patricia Hodge Robinson (in blue on back row), Colin Jones (dresser, back row, black top), next to Sally Pearson (designer, fuchsia cardigan), Rachel Selby (2nd row extreme right). From left next to Muriel: Joyce Hawkins (senior costume designer); Bobby Gale (former dresser, now deceased); Gill Hardie (designer). Behind Bobby Gale – Vee Layton (designer, now deceased); to the left of Rachel Selby, in turquoise – Christine Grainger (costume assistant); to the left of Mark Ridley – Alison Mitchell. To the right of Janice Rider is Terry Patterson (designer). To Ann Doling’s left is Paul Patterson (MFS); Ginnie Hardy (designer); next to Ginnie – Al Barnett (senior costume designer); next to Al – Stephanie Hazeldine (designer). Tessa Wyatt ? – behind Paul Patterson.

Please add a comment if you can identify others, or can add more information


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  1. Let’s not forget to identify the most senior members of the department : from left next to Muriel : Joyce Hawkins , Senior Costume Designer : Bobby Gale – former dresser ( now deceased ) ; Gill Hardie – designer .Behind Bobby Gale – Vee Layton – Designer ( now deceased ) : to the left of Rachel Selby in turquoise – Christine Grainger ( costume assistant ): to the left of Mark Ridley – Alison Mitchell.Next to my right Terry Patterson ( designer ) .To Ann Doling’s left -Paul Patterson ( MFS ), Ginnie Hardy ( designer ) ; next to Ginnie – Al Barnett – senior costume designer ; next to Al – Stephanie Hazeldine ( designer ).Tessa Wyatt ? – behind Paul Patterson .

  2. I have reviewed this photo , and I. Knew Al Barnett back in the 1950,s and would love to catch up with him , can you put me in touch , Margaret Letheren ( nee Matcham ) many thanks

  3. I would love to get in touch with Al Barnett ( costume designer ) as I knew him in the 1950,s in Folkestone Kent,I now live in Deal Kent and it would be fun to catch up , Margaret Letheren ( nee Matcham )

  4. I realise that we are now quite old , I am 80 ( albeit a young 80 !!!!! ) and I think Al Barnett is a little older ,but it would still be nice to catch up Margaret Letheren ( nee Matcham )

  5. Hi Margaret
    Good to hear from you. I’ll put up a notice on the Pebble Mill Facebook page to see if anyone has Al Barnett’s contact details. If I have any joy, I’ll be back in touch.
    Best wishes

  6. Hi Margaret, hope you got my email with the Al’s details? Hope you’ve managed to get in touch?
    Best wishes, Vanessa

  7. Hi Vanessa , no I did not get the E mail with Al Barnetts details could you re send it to me . Best wishes Margaret

  8. Hi Vanessa, Yes I have received the details of Al ,and thank you so much for your help . I am in the States at the moment but return to the Uk on Monday so I will then give him a ring , also thank you for contacting him to make sure that he was ok with me telephoning Best wishes Margaret

  9. Hi Vanessa, I have contacted Al Barnett which was lovely and thank you for your help
    Best wishes Margaret Letheren

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