Daytime Live at Long Lartin Prison

Daytime Live at Long Lartin Mike Johnston












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Daytime Live from Long Lartin Prison, circa March 1987. A really interesting OB. Glad to leave afterwards. Bonnie Tyler was a sport and did the music slot!

Mike Johnston


This was almost certainly a BBC Bristol OB truck.

Included in the photo are, left to right: Mike Johnston (FM), Simon Shaw (producer), David Weir (director), Jo Dewar just behind David, Pamela Armstrong (presenter).

Please add a comment if you can identify others.

One comment on “Daytime Live at Long Lartin Prison
  1. I remember two things very clearly about this extraordinary OB.
    Firstly, we interviewed a young man who, on first meeting seemed both articulate and even likeable. Until that is, he told us how he and a friend had broken into someone’s house and when they came home unexpectedly they had hung them from the staircase bannister. Not a glimmer of remorse, it was truly spine chilling.
    Secondly Bonnie Tyler, who chose to wear a see-through top and a tiny skirt during rehearsals was a little miffed when we pointed out that this might not be entirely appropriate – given that the audience was a mixture or serial killers and rapists!

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