Debut on Two – TX Card from Dave Bushell

Debut on Two TX Card

Debut on Two TX Card reverse

Debut on Two was a series of six dramas produced at Pebble Mill in 1990 for BBC 2, to promote the work of writers new to television.  Two of the dramas were shot on location, the other four were studio based.

Michael Wearing was the executive producer, Vicky Licorish and Philippa Giles the producers, Diana Patrick and Bob Landgon the directors.  A company of established actors including Pete Postlethwaite, Hilary Sesta and Adrian Dunbar, appeared across the six different plays.

The plays in the series were:

  • The Conversion of St Paul
  • Breast is Best
  • The Wake
  • Window of Vulnerability
  • Kingdom Come
  • A Box of Swan

Thanks to Dave Bushell for keeping the TX Card safe, and for sharing it.

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  1. Hi, unfortunately I don’t think the BBC have released them on DVD. If you’re involved in research then you may well be able to watch them at the BFI, you’d have to get in touch with them.


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