Dub 2 – photos by Ben Peissel

Photos by Ben Peissel no reproduction without permission.

These photos are of Dubbing Theatre 2 at Pebble Mill.  Dub 2 was mainly used for dubbing factual programmes like Gardeners’ World and Countryfile. It was smaller than Dub 1, but still had the comfy sofas at the back for members of the production team to sit on, whilst Ben Peissel and his colleagues made the programmes sound as good as they could.  There was a voice over booth at the back, where presenters or voice over artists could record voice over to pictures.  You can also see the turntable and tape deck for playing in music and sound effects from different sources.

One comment on “Dub 2 – photos by Ben Peissel
  1. That TV in the front wall doesn’t look very big but it was the biggest screen size you could get at the time and it took 4 of us to lift it into place!
    I also remember the trouble we had with the cowboy outfit who fitted the acoustic wall treatment, I soon found out why their quote was the cheapest… I always thought it would be best to take the second cheapest quote!

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