Editing Gardeners’ World – photos by Ian Collins

Photos from Ian Collins, no reproduction without permission.

These photos show Kerry Richardson editing ‘Gardeners’ World’, with some gusto, with editor, Ian Collins.

Gardeners’ World was produced at Pebble Mill until around 1990, when it became an independent production made by Catalyst television.  Kerry worked on Gardeners’ World for a number of years, and in fact still works on gardening programmes to this day. BBC editors like Ian, were employed to edit Gardeners’ World, and the online editing was done at Pebble Mill, and then at the Mailbox.

Gardeners’ World came back to BBC Birmingham after re-pitching for the series when Alan Titchmarsh finished presenting it, and Monty Don took over in 2003.

The production offices for Gardeners’ World when Catalyst produced it were situated in King’s Heath Park, where some of the gardening was also done.


2 comments on “Editing Gardeners’ World – photos by Ian Collins
  1. That isn’t Colette Foster! Although I admit we do look a little alike. It’s me – Kerry Richardson who was the PD on that series.
    This would have been taken in the summer of 1999. I’m still doing gardening shows to this day (Garden rescue, BBC1 2017).

  2. Hi Kerry

    Thanks for correcting me. I’ll change it right away! Glad to hear that you’re still making gardening shows. Best wishes, Vanessa

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