Fair Game publicity brochure

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Thanks to Janice Rider for making this publicity brochure of the drama: ‘Fair Game’, available.

The BFI database includes this synopsis of ‘Fair Game’: “It is 1970, there is World Cup and General Election fever. Marco, a wealthy Italian has come to England to discover his true identity. Carl, a student is torn between canvassing for the Labour party, watching the World Cup or going on a walking holiday with his girlfriend Ellie. Their paths cross in Preston library and the three take an epic journey across the Pennines.” http://ftvdb.bfi.org.uk/sift/title/495778

The drama was transmitted in 1994, Michael Wearing was the executive producer; Carol Parks, the producer; Alan Dosser, the director; Beverley Dartnall was the production associate; William Hartley was the 1st AD; John Greening and Alastair Duncan were the production managers; Janice Rider was the costume designer, and Steve Saunderson the cameraman.


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