Going for a Song group photo

Going for a Song team













Photo from Jane Mclean, no reproduction without permission.

The photo includes left to right:

Standing: Harry Middleton (on screen porter, red coat), Vicky Jepson (AP), Clair Sawtell (researcher),Dave Balllantyne (cam), Lee Harrigan, Keith Salmon, Dave Ashton, Dave Bushell (lighting director), James Patterson, Louise Willcox (sound), Mark Smithers, Sue Needs, Dave Brazier (FM), John Carney (lighting director) left of Michael Parkinson (Pres), Adam Schoon (antiques consultant), Eric Knowles (Pres), Natalie (AFM in black behind Jane Mclean), Herbie Donnelly (sparks, next to Eric), Dave Farline (long hair), Ian Cull, Mike Johnson, Nick Harris (studio director, at back, blonde hair, glasses), Dougie (warm up guy in yellow shirt), Paul Woolston (beard, Cam supervisor), Juliet Henson? (in front of Paul, in black).

Seated: Claire Hobbs (SP), Cathy (Parkinson’s PA), Parkinson’s mother,  Jayne Mclean (PA), Andy Payne (camera), Howie Dartnall (camera)

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  1. Next to me is michael Parkinson’s then PA cathy and in the hot seat is his mum! Dougie warm up guy is in yellow shirt. Clair Sawtell was the Researcher (left of Vicky). Antiques consultant Adam Schoon is behind Michael’s left shoulder and his mate Harry Middleton was the on screen porter (tall guy far left) in red coat. Natalie AFM in black behind Jane mc. Nand ick Harris studio director behind her smiling in glasses (now big cheese in London !)… That’s all I can make out on small screen on my phone! C

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