Golden Oldie Picture Show – Christmas 1986

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The ‘Golden Oldie Picture Show’ was presented by Radio 1 D.J., Dave Lee Travis.  The show created music videos for Hits which pre-dated the era of music videos, and directors were encouraged to choose a track and create a story around it.  It was produced at Pebble Mill by Exec, John King.

This photo dates from Christmas 1986, and was taken on location at the Red Lion, Somerton, Somerset, where the links for that show were recorded.  Left to right, back row it includes: Dave Lee Travis (presenter), John King (exec), Mike Williams (lighting cameraman), John Parker (sound), Jim Hatchard (set design).  Front row: Andy Frizzell (lighting), Nigel Davey (camera), Phil O’Shea (props), Gail Herbert (P.A.), Veronica McAleer (Brebner)(make-up).

Thanks to Gail Herbert for making the photo available, and to Andy Frizzell, Kevin Lakin and Lesley Weaver for adding information.



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