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Considering the glorious sound and fury the network radio team created at Pebble Mill down the years, I’m sorry that there are so few contributions from the wireless wonders.

I was editor and then Head of Network Radio for the best part of twenty years (1970-89), and I can recall an astonishing array of talent that passed through the radio studios both in front of and behind the mic. When I started with the Beeb in 1966 (pre Pebble Mill), I worked in the Broad Street newsroom for the fiercesome Glaswegian Jack Johnston and was regularly saved from his wrath by Roy Ronnie and Sam Shaw!  Despite Jack’s attempt to fire me, I survived and thrived well enough to climb the greasy pole and had a key part in the move into Pebble Mill in 1970. In fact, when Alan Rees (Head of the Centre at the time) became ill, I got lumbered with the whole fandango of the royal opening of the building.

So…I have a shedload of memories but is there anyone out there who wants to hear them?

It would be nice to hear from some of the old school but I warn you, I won’t need too much encouragement to shout my mouth off!

Jock Gallagher (Pebble Mill from the beginning until 1989)

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  1. A very welcome addition indeed. Our paths crossed very infrequently but it would do us all good to hear some of your memories and thoughts about what turned out to be the Golden years of the BBC during it’s time at pebble Mill.

  2. I would love to hear from you. I remember watching newsreaders staggerin up from the bar downstairs in Broad st into the studio,and it rarely affected their performance. I had only been there a couple of months when I found myself being the first person to go on strike at the BBC on a Saturday morning when most members of the ABS had taken the day off!! I also remember some hedonistic times as a member of the drama club, in which,I believe you were a director. So bring it on Jock, as long as you promise not to make one of your unintelligible Scottish toasts ! 🙂

  3. Well that takes me back Mr Gallagher!! To the days of Regional Extra, Woman’s Hour and Morning Story… hope you’re well?

  4. We met once Jock, in a rather tough interview where you hauled me over the coals. And then you offered me a lifetime’s opportunity that i turned down because I lacked the self esteem to say yes. It’s fair to say you are a PM legend and any recollections, tales, gossip and memories you wish to share would I know be enjoyed my many.

  5. Would love to hear your stories Jock, I transferred from Glasgow Audio Unit to Pebble Mill and I think you were Head of Radio then. That would be 1987.I think its inportant to hear peoples stories that were instrumental at PM as it feels like it never existed driving past it now. The ground is still empty though I heard this may change. PM was a legendary place to work and a lot of industry people I work with still think that even ones who never worked there.
    Pm is s piece of broadcasting history that shouldnt be forgotten. the more stories the better in my opinion.

    Laura McNeill

  6. Gosh that brings back memories. Remember going with you to set up a stand at Olympia with Charlie Chester.
    Hope you,re well.

  7. Hi jock we were a team for a while when you were acting hnpc and I was acting hpers before dave waine and barry smith. Good days not really like work at all. Glad youre stillvertical! Keep it up

  8. Hi Jock, I was your secretary between 1983-1987. We worked on the radio 4 Enterprise series and dinner at Broadcasting House in 1984 where I met Richard Cockayne , one of the finalists – we married one year, one month, one day later! And 32 year s later and three children we are very much together. (My finest 3 Productions!). I have very happy memories of Pebble Mlll and lament it’s passing. Jolly times x

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