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I joined the BBC in 1965 and trained as a ‘technical operator’. In the
regions, TOs were expected to work in both TV and Radio. Normal jobs for a
TO were operating cameras and sound equipment in TV studios and sound
recording suites for radio as well as the sound control room. Radio Studios
were the province of a different breed called ‘studio managers’. These were,
in the main, graduates whereas the majority of the TOs were recruited from
schools after A Levels.
I spent most of my time working on camera crews in Gosta Green and Broad
Street. As a trainee I was only allowed to operate a camera in Broad Street
and for simpler programmes at Gosta Green, but I often drove the ‘Heron’
camera crane used on most of the dramas at Gosta Green. By 1968 it was becoming clear
that the TO role was a bit of a ‘dead end’ and that those senior to me were
not much older, so I was encouraged to look for other opportunities. I was
keen to explore production and broadcasting rather than engineering (TOs
were very much ‘engineers’ in the eyes of personnel). Local radio was just
starting, so I managed to transfer into that as a station assistant and
(after just two years) was promoted to producer. I stayed in local radio
until I left the BBC in 1996 from the post of ‘Senior Broadcast Journalist’.
Along the way I had spells as a Continuity Announcer at TV Centre and as a
trainer at the Local Radio Training Unit.

Dave Kirkwood

2 comments on “Memories of working at the BBC – Dave Kirkwood
  1. Dave ! Your story mirrors mine. I joined in 1969, after a spell at Wood Norton where I wanted to be cameraman, but couldn’t understand why they kept trying to force me to use a soldering iron! As a T.O. I went to Broad St. and couldn’t believe my luck working on the Archers and playing in sound fx on Midlands Today.I remember Barry Lankaster getting locked out of the studio a minute before transmission on his merry return from the bar). After a spell at Gosta Green on The Doctors,Asian Progs and Pot Black where I was a pretty mean Boom Operator (Eddie Deighton said I was a natural!!!) Local Radio beckoned..I moved to Stoke….got the performing bug, went to Schools TV, Cheggers Plays Pop, TISWAS, then back to my first love radio presenting. After a time in the States I returned to work on Brighton on BBC Southern Counties . After 3 years my contract wasn’t renewed and a couple of years down the line I reckon I was the last to find out I had retired !!!

  2. ah dave, you had to work your way up in those days and get lots of experience. Mind you, you learnt a lot didn’t you? The best way to do things. Nice to see your picture.

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