Midlands Today 25th Anniversary – Peter Poole

Photo from Peter Poole, copyright resides with the original photographer, no reproduction without permission.

This photo was taken after the 25th Anniversary edition of Midlands Today.  Included in the photo are Darren New, Brian Conway, Jane Patterson in red, Peter Poole, Ann Banks, David Davies, Sue beardsmore, Alan Towers, Howard dartnall, Lynda Maher, Nick Johnson (soundman) a very young Chris Nelson, and Jonathan Dick.  

Thanks to those who helped with identifying people!

2 comments on “Midlands Today 25th Anniversary – Peter Poole
  1. Darren New is first on the left, then Brian conway, i presume it’s his wife, the lovely Kay alexander who is turning round to look at Peter. Then i think in the green is anne Banks. and think that on the right in the red and white striped shirt is Chris Nelson, now directing Newsnight and Andrew Marr

  2. I have the last of the three parts of the 25th Anniversary Midlands Today celebration parts of the programmes on VHS (well, the Birmingham sections, apparently the Nottingham studio were looking forward 25 years in preparation for East Mids Today). There’s a piece about changing technology (16mm TK vs ENG, dispatch vs microwave link in a land rover, lettraset vs paintbox/aston…), the naming of the train Midlands Today (apparently still running in East Anglia, but without the nameplate) and a trip through the archives of Midlands Today, April Fools stories, features and presenters… And Stevens and Coyne (I think) doing Laurel and Hardy. I don’t think I taped the first two parts (and I think it was two earlier parts and one of the certainly included a piece about Alan Towers and the skateboarding duck, who featured on the 25th Anniversary cake. There was also a gathering/party/celebration, I think in radio studio 1… I doubt it’s the only version of it in existence, but I’ve no intentions of chucking the VHS…

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