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Bob Monkhouse Morning Story










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The photo shows Radio Studio 5 in action recording a Morning Story for Radio 4, circa 1976. Bob Monkhouse performing in the studio, with writer, Punch cartoonist, Noel Ford, cam left.  The SM is Peter Belham ? with David Shute cam right.

Thanks to David Shute, for sharing the photo, and to Roger Slater for adding information.

2 comments on “Morning Story – Bob Monkhouse
  1. That brings back happy memories (apart from that hairstyle!) I enjoyed those sessions at the Mill and went on do a lot of cartoon work for David after he left the BBC. Interestingly, in Radio Times, one of the stories of mine that Bob Monkhouse narrated was accompanied by a cartoon to illustrate the listing. I didn’t get the commission, though – that went to Bob, himself a former cartoonist. I still treasure the cartoon that he drew of me, at the studio.

  2. Hi Noel, thanks for the comment. If you’d like to write a short blog of your memories of working at the Mill, or share some of the cartoons you produced whilst at Pebble Mill, please just email me directly –

    Best wishes

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