Nanny, S2, Ep4, Slate and Take information

Nanny ep 4 paperwork OW

Nanny ep 4 shot and takes OW

Nanny ep 4 shot and take 2 OW

Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

This paperwork is from the drama series: Nanny, starring Wendy Craig. The script is from series 2, episode 4. What is interesting is that the script includes the hand written Slate and Take information, with alternative possible shots listed. This copy of the script belonged to film editor, Oliver White, and would have been used in the editing process.

The abbreviations included stand for the following:

O/s – over the shoulder

a.b. – as before

f/g – foreground

b/g – background

LS – long shot

MCU – medium close up

MS – medium shot

Thanks to Oliver for sharing the script, and for keeping it safe since 1981!


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