New Year Opt-Out – Peter Poole

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Photo by Peter Poole, no reproduction without permission.

This programme was probably broadcast sometime in the 1990’s. I think it may have been to celebrate the start of Birmingham City of Music or some other event. This programme was not listed in The Radio Times or any other TV listings. Viewers watching BBC1 Midlands at midnight would have expected to see Big Ben ringing in the new year. The normal London epic was replaced with a live OB from Birmingham city centre. I was the studio sound supervisor and the studio presenter was probably Sue Beardsmore. I wish I could remember the rest of team. The OB unit was the News Rover with 2 cameras. A camera was placed on Pebble Mill’s roof to give views of the city skyline. The programme was on air for about 15 minutes. If anyone worked on this I would welcome their comments.
Peter Poole

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