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I came across this old photo taken in Pebble Mill newsroom, in the early 90s at a guess. I am in the foreground and also on it are Harvinder Singh, a newsroom stalwart who still does news shifts at the Mailbox, and Bob Sinkinson, Network News reporter, now retired. It looks like it is the old assignments desk, with me as intake editor and Harvinder on Camera Diary, controlling the movements of the crews and reporters. The early computers were the Hewlett-Packard BASYS system and were very rudimentary. There is the reflection of a red light at the end of the newsroom, indicating transmission.

Maurice Blisson

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook Group:

Becky Land: ‘Ah BASYS, that takes me back. I went from an electric typrwriter (ILR) to Basys and Rip n Read and thought I was in vanguard of technological age. Cart anyone?’

Peter Poole: ‘Maurice was a great character. The BASYS system could be logged in to remotely using a dial up connection. Somehow the modem phone number, user name and password was leaked. And a person who was due to be interviewed hacked into BASYS. And was able to read the scripts for their interview.’

3 comments on “Newsroom – Maurice Blisson
  1. I fondly remember them all. Especially Mr Blisson’s humour – always constant and sometimes funny.

  2. Maurice and I worked together in Stoke. He was the driest, funnyman I ever knew. We would swap one-liners at Pebble Mill. He could be such a pedant….and so am I now, to this day, thanks to him. I await his corrections to this posting !!!!

  3. I worked with Maurice in 1978-80 whenI was with the Presentation dept. and newsreading into Midlands Today and the summaries. Recently met up with him again at the Breakfast leaving party for Manchester. Many memories of his dry humour. ATB Alastair

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