Original Dubbing Theatre – Photos by Peter Poole

I took these photographs around 1978. They show the original dubbing theatre. In this area the Dubbing Mixer mixed speech, effects and music to produce the final mix. Behind the glass is an area housing the Perfectone  SepMag recorders and playback bays. Behind the BBC “Type D” mixing desk are Peter Poole and Liz Nicholls.

Peter Poole

original dubbing theatre

original dubbing theatre: Liz Nicholls & Peter Poole

2 comments on “Original Dubbing Theatre – Photos by Peter Poole
  1. Only Roger Seward would stand like that in a Baby Blue Cardigan! …and is that Ray Bragg wearing a Louise Willcox fringe to his side, or Louise wearing Ray’s spectacles??? Love the NO SMOKING sign, that’s why Dave Welsby only worked in Radio. Very Happy Days indeed…. Chris

  2. Looks like Nigel Pardoe-Smith’s is also in the Mag room. Apocryphally his edit splicer was adjusted on the diagonal cutter to enable him to make quarter splices on the audio! tricky when the poor assistant came to rejoin the overlaps for dubbing.
    And boy did we smoke in dubbing..!

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