Out of the Blue – TX card

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Thanks to Ann Chancellor-Davies for sharing this card. Ann’s late husband, Gavin Davies, was the production designer.

This is the transmission card for Out of the Blue, shown on 22nd August, 1991, on BBC1 at 21.30. Here is the entry from the Radio Times, from the BBC Genome project:


The fourth in a series of six new plays written for television.
Starring Colin Firth and Catherine Zeta Jones
Alan makes films in the warehouse studio where he lives, with the help of his friends Rudy and Liz. Even
Rudy’s girlfriend, Julie, finds herself caught up in his plans. But when Alan falls in love with a beautiful young girl,
Chirsty, and decides to create the perfect romance between them, life begins to imitate the film fantasy which has become an obsession for him.
Featuring Cathy Tyson , who starred opposite Bob Hoskins in the film Mona Lisa ;
John Lynch , seen recently in ITV’s Chimera; and Dexter Fletcher , well-known from Press Gang, the children’s drama series also seen recently on ITV.
Written by Graham Alborough Producer Barry Hanson Director Nick Hamm

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Kevin Lakin: ‘It was my job to keep fire going on an island in the lake at Edgbaston Golf Club, night shoot. It was hard to avert my eyes because Catherine Zeta Jones was without clothes. It took years for me to recover.’

Carolyn Davies: ‘Remember doing loads of mag transfers for it in Film Transfer….Audio Trainee initiation room….’

Keith Butler: ‘I worked in the gallery on lighting and vision control on this production. Even then it was obvious that Catherine Zeta Jones had “Star” written all over her, she was a joy to work with.’







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