Outside broadcast, ‘Vanity Fair’ – photos by Ian Collins

Photos by Ian Collins, no reproduction without permission.

These photos are from a Pebble Mill outside broadcast from May 1987. They feature VT engineer Paul Scholes, OB engineer Rod Bach, vision engineer John Bradley and PA Janet Redencowitz (sp?).

The outside broadcast was for the drama series: ‘Vanity Fair’, for which lighting director Dave Bushell was nominated for a BAFTA. ┬áThe location was Heydon Hall or Thetford, both in Norfolk. ┬áThe series was hosted at Pebble Mill, out of London.

3 comments on “Outside broadcast, ‘Vanity Fair’ – photos by Ian Collins
  1. Nice pictures, however the O.B. engineer is Rod Bach there was no e on the end, although that is how it was pronounced.

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