Parnell & the Englishwoman – photos from Les Podraza

Photos from Les Podraza.  The photos feature Les, who was a scene hand at Pebble Mill, with director John Bruce, and actors Trevor Eve, and T.P. McKenna.

The screenplay for Parnell and the Englishwoman was written by Hugh Leonard and tells the story of a 19th-century Irish nationalist politician who has an affair with the wife of an English MP.  The drama went out in 1991.  Trevor Eve played Charles Stewart Parnell, with Francesca Annis playing Katharine O’Shea;  T.P. McKenna played Justin McCarthy.  It was produced by Terry Coles out of BBC London, hosted by Pebble Mill.

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  1. Hi Paul

    Thanks for the comment. Sorry for the late reply! Yes it was a family. A jolly big one and is still sorely missed by me!


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