Pat de Whalley in the studio

Pat de Whalley in studio












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The photo is of Radio WM presenter, Pat de Whalley, at work in the studio, circa 1990.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Andy Walters: ‘That looks like it would have been Area 2. The window is looking into Area 3, the phone-in room. Those are very expensive Technics CD players too. Later replaced with modified Hi-Fi ones that were horrible to fix. Usually gluing buttons back on.’

Andy Caddick: ‘I would agree that this is Area 2 with Area 3 through the glass and 4 after that. Love the Mark 111 desk. Amazing to see all those carts.’

Philip Morgan: ‘A pair of Beyer DT100 cans on the MKIII desk too…’

Pete Simpkin: ‘That’s right Andy, in the old days we called area three the ops room. You can see a very hazardous pile of blue plastic carts used for jingle, trails etc on the top of the desk.Behind her dozens more. She looks as if she is carrying out one of the more hazardous operations with the equipment namely adding a sugar lump to her coffee. Surprising to see coffee let loose so close to the faders…could put us off the air in seconds if it spillt. The anglepoise arms carried the microphones which could be positioned easily by the presenter. I would guess music is on air at the moment as the only fader ‘up’ is what I know as a grams fader, probably deck two yellow top ident on fader)(hidden behind the desk bulkhead) as the arm is not on the disk on deck one.’

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