Pebble Mill at One, Bob Langley – Jane Mclean


Bob Langley on location in Italy

(This memory is of an incident which occurred in the 1970s, when Jane Mclean was working on autocue on ‘Pebble Mill at One’).

The one and only time I ever saw Bob Langley lose his rag was when I had altered the autocue/loo roll so much that it was too thick to go through the machine and stuck. Too much for Bob who couldn’t speak his own name without autocue – bless!! – so when autocue stopped, so did he!!

Jane Mclean

(photo by Ian Collins)

One comment on “Pebble Mill at One, Bob Langley – Jane Mclean
  1. What wonderful memories – the old portaprompt rolls – I had the same experience on Midlands Today as they kept changing the news on air and I had to scribble in and cross out words. And we had to stick it together in order – or quickly rush through and find the right link/story – the only person who hated it was Tom Coyne who had a photographic memory and learnt all his links – it meant other’s could now present programmes without learning their lines!

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