‘Pebble Mill at One’ Running Order 1981 – David Short

Here is a running order that I kept from my first day as a trainee camera assistant at Pebble Mill. I had arrived from the training dept at Evesham and reported for duty on Monday, 21st September, 1981. I was taken up to the floor where the old bar used to be, to meet the crew (led by Keith Salmon) who were playing snooker before rehearsals began. “Landed on my feet here”, I thought!!

David Short – Cameraman at Pebble Mill from Sept. 1981 until May 1985 (when I transferred to TV Centre)

(The producer of this episode was Stephanie Silk, the director Tony Rayner, and the PA probably Jane McLean)

'Pebble Mill at One' - Running Order

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  1. I researched two items that day (I was JM): the whisky shortie, which based on a whisky book, and Hilary James, our sewing expert. She created the Sew Easy sewing patterns that we sold to viewers, on of the most popular things we ever did during my seven years working on PM. Other names in brackets are DR (Diane Reid), DW (David Williams, the music producer), CW (Chris Wright) and RP (Richard Pearson).

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