Pebble Mill at One sewing pattern

The lunchtime magazine show, Pebble Mill at One used to bring out all sorts of merchandise and information for viewers, such as sewing patterns, fact-sheets and recipes. Here are a couple of sewing patterns from the early 1980s which were bought by a viewer, but seem to be unused!

I remember buying a similar patternĀ Pebble MillĀ pattern as a teenager, and making quite a successful vest top for myself!

Thanks to Sue Sweet for sharing the photo of the patterns.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Jane Clement: ‘That brings back memories. Hilary James made a fortune out of these. It was one of the most successful regular segments ever on PM – we sold thousands of her patterns. I was the researcher who introduced her to the show and looked after her whenever she was there – we became quite good friends. Ironically, I can’t sew a thing myself!’

Mike Hayes: ‘…and so The Clothes Show was born…’





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