Pebble Mill Auction Viewing

Photos by Tim Savage, no reproduction without permission.

Tim (VT Editor and Colourist), took these photos in the last days of Pebble Mill, during the viewing days for the auction selling off equipment not being taken to the Mailbox.  It was held in autumn 2004.  The photos feature many members of Pebble Mill post production including Chris Rowlands, John Burkill and Colin Fearnley, as well as production staff like Tony Rayner.  The number of bald heads fascinated by various items in the auction is notable!

Please add a comment if you can identify others.

One comment on “Pebble Mill Auction Viewing
  1. I think it might be Brian Watkiss in the yellow shirt, and Peter Wood-Fisher next to Tony Rayner in the penultimate picture.

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