Pete Postlethwaite – photos by Willoughby Gullachsen

Photos by Willoughby Gullachsen, no reproductions without permission.

Since Pete Postlethwaite’s death was announced yesterday, I thought it would be fitting to post up a photo of him from a Pebble Mill drama production.  Pete Postlewthaite acted in several Pebble Mill productions including Martin Chuzzlewit, and the drama shown here.

Pete Postlethwaite was born in 1946 and died aged 64, after a long battle with cancer.

Unfortunately I don’t know which drama this photos is from – so if you can identify it, I’d be very grateful.  It looks to date from around the late 1980s.



Pete Postlethwaite and others

2 comments on “Pete Postlethwaite – photos by Willoughby Gullachsen
  1. Any photos of Pete from ‘Martin Chuzzlewit’? I was First Assistant Director on this mammoth Dickens adaptation and Pete was a force of nature – along with Keith Allen and Paul Schofield. Generous to a fault, he even offered to perform for free in my BBC drama directors course project. What a gent. I also got very drunk at his house once with designer Rob Hinds and production manager Alastair Duncan – but that’s another story…

  2. Hi John

    I have got some photos of Pete Postlethwaite from ‘Martin Chuzzlewit’, which I can post up tonight. Could you possibly write a few lines about your memories of working with him, and send them to me at and then I can post them along with the photos. If that’s too much trouble I could just use your comment?

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