Pimms in the Park – Pebble Mill Reunion – Louise Willcox


Dear All,

The BBC Club will now be financing our gathering – Pimm’s in the Park. Really good news! Hence a £2 registration fee will not be required, thank you. However, please make yourselves known at our registration table, so that we can point you in the direction of our cloakroom and bar.

Just to remind you:

· Tuesday, 6th September, The Midlands Arts Centre, Cannon Hill Park.

· Free car park, entrance opposite the newly refurbished Edgbaston Cricket ground.

· Number 45 and 47 buses to/from town, every 10 minutes.

· 1200 to 2200ish.

· Bar, ours until 1730, thereafter open to the public as well; food available in restaurant all day.

· Tuesday Tunes on the terrace (or bar, if wet) in the evening.

Any Mailbox staff, please circulate to colleagues. I’m extending an invitation to Dino Portelli of the BBC Club, who authorised the funding. I know that Dino is hoping to re-establish an active BBC Birmingham Club, organising events like this one. Any Birmingham Club member interested in acting as local liaison please let him know at dino.portelli@bbc.co.uk.

In case you were in any doubt, this event is not restricted to Club members; it is for us all. See you there,

Louise x

Louise Willcox MIPS

Senior Audio Supervisor



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