Post Production Staff Photos March 2004

These photos were taken just before the closure of Pebble Mill, in March 2004. They feature the post production staff and were taken in VTH, VTF, VTE, VTB & Dub 1. They show editors, assistants, dubbing staff as well as booking staff and runners.

VTH: John Reynolds, Louise Pearson, Jo Cairns, Peter Shannon, Dan Wardle, Jim Gregory, Russell Parker, Matt Taylor, Shirley O’Mara & Neil Stacey.
VTB: John Burkill, Angela Worrall, Phil Burrell, Ivor Williams, Karl Kelly, Brian Watkiss, Helena Lyons, Simon Prentice & Steve May.
VTE: Mike Brown, Ian Collins, Amrik Manku, David Chan, Tara, Gary Williams, Ant Smith, Tim Savage, Martin Dowell, John Walton, Dave Pick, Mike Palmer & Keith Brown.
VTF: Mike Bloore, John Duckmanton, Steve Killick, Steve Neilson, Dave Rhodes, John Doidge, Matt Jinks, Rob McGowan, Tristan Leon, Simon Wilson, James Cole & Louise Shires.
Dub 1: Ben Peissel, John Rosser, Dave Mason, Richard Hastings Hall, Andy Freeth, Brian Charles, Neil Roberts, Dawn Mears, Fiona Vooght, James Hey, Rachel Jayes, Ian Bellion, Kate Davis & Chris Rowlands.

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