Pre-Pebble Mill buildings in Birmingham – Carpenter Rd – Dave Kirkwood

In Birmingham in the mid 60’s the BBC had offices and studios scattered
across the city including:

Carpenter Road, Edgbaston was the HQ for the region. The site for the building is now a housing estate. In the grounds you also found the Film Unit and the Outside Broadcast Garage.

In the 60’s the Midlands Region operated two TV OB Units and associated communications vehicles, and three radio OB units.

Further down the road there was a former church (cannot find the name of it)
which was the base for the ‘Midlands Light Orchestra’. See for detailed history.

Dave Kirkwood

Radio Birmingham producer and presenter, Pete Simpkin remembers the Church Studio, ‘I am certain it became the home of Zella Records under the ownership of Johnny Haynes and gave many local groups the chance to get on disc. I produced a Malc Stent Album there in the 80s.’

2 comments on “Pre-Pebble Mill buildings in Birmingham – Carpenter Rd – Dave Kirkwood
  1. What a memory invoking photograph. I worked here from 1967 to 1970 and the place was full of wonderful characters. I worked in BBC Publications and enjoyed my time here tremendously before moving to Pebble Mill when it opened.
    I have often wondered if an Edgebaston/Pebble Mill reunion takes place?
    I remember taking part in Lional Bart’s Fings Aint What They Used To Be, a musical with the cast made up of BBC Edgebaston staff. Great fun.That would have been 1968/9.
    Thank you for your website and perhaps you could point me in the direction of any possible reunions in the future.
    Kind Regards
    Harry Dunn

  2. Hi Harry and good to hear from you. There still tends to be an annual ‘Rum Punch’ get together just before Christmas. I do post whatever reunions I hear about up on the website, so do keep looking. There was a reunion that happened in September at MAC in Cannon Hill Park.
    Best wishes

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